Helping children adjust to new situations including separation, divorce, loss and change and
dealing with school issues like learning disorders and conduct problems.

Helping adults cope with depression, stress, anxiety, panic disorders, work situations,
substance abuse and eating disorders.

Assisting families dealing with divorce or separation or senior issues.

HMSA Insurance accepted

In the past, I accepted almost all insurance companies. However, over the years, many
insurance companies continued to cut doctors' fees; yet, raised the salaries and bonuses to
their executives. It does not seem fair that some of these insurance companies pay millions
to their chief executives and these executives earn far more than they pay the doctors. The
doctors have many more years of schooling and training and perform much more valuable
services than these executives. Who do you want to see when you are sick, desperate and
need help? A doctor or an insurance executive?

I will continue to accept HMSA because most individuals in Hawaii have HMSA and the pay of
the HMSA executives are not as egregious as most other insurance companies. I feel that
health insurance companies should not pay their top executives more than they pay the
average doctor.
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