After receiving my BS in Psychology from Georgetown University and my MA and Ph.D. from
the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I have been practicing psychology in Hawaii since 1980.
My teaching experiences include the University of Hawaii (Manoa, West Oahu and Windward
Community College) and Chaminade University. By starting the Hawaii School of
Professional Psychology, I became the founder of the professional school of psychology
movement in Hawaii. When the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology merged with the
Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, I was the founding dean of the Hawaii campus.  
After I left Forest, it  became Argosy University.

My consultant services have included the Department of Health--the children's unit at Leahi
Hospital and the Windward Children's Team.  Also, I have served as a psychological
consultant to Queen's Medical Center, to Hawaii Job Corps and to several of the largest
corporations in Hawaii.

My hobbies and interests include water sports and fitness. I have built a 47' ketch sailboat
which I sailed to Hawaii. I have a captain's license from the US Coast Guard and have done
charter work for Princeville, Club Med and Sea Grant at the University of Hawaii. I love to surf
and rarely miss a week. Among my most interesting jobs was being the tennis pro at Club
Med when they were on Kauai in the 1970's.

I am married to a school teacher and together we have a blended family of three children.  
On the left is a photo of my granddaughter Malia after her first surf lesson.
About Dr. Woliver
About Me and Going Green
Going Green
Free, free, .... free at last from hydrocarbons and the petrochemicals that pollute our
environment, drain our wallets and enrich those nations that wish us ill. I've always felt that
the open road meant freedom and now I can cruise it for free.

That's right, I can drive the highways for free. I can drive right past service stations that sell
gasoline for four dollars a gallon and never stop. Not a single dollar leaves my wallet, goes to
a big oil company that pollutes our planet or to the Arab and OPEC states that chat "Death to
America" and pray for our demise
I've owned an electric car for seven years and I love it. In seven years of owning an electric
car, I have paid $0 for maintenance. A car with a gasoline engine has hundreds of moving
parts, but an electric car only has one--the electric motor. Yet, I read where electric cars only
constitute about 1-2% of the cars on the road!

When I bought the car, I had a lot of questions. I had never owned an electric car. What would
it drive like? It rides great and it's fun to drive. It's very easy to park and maneuver. There is
even room to fit my full-size longboard inside the car when I go surfing!

The Leaf is my second electric car. I owned a Mitsubishi for five years. Over a year ago, I
bought the Leaf. The 2017 Leaf has a range of about 110-120 miles. It has a Level III charger
that allows the car to be charged up in about 20 minutes. The Mitsubishi had a range that
was about half of the Leaf's range and took about 4-6 hours to charge on a Level II charger
(240 volts like your dryer). The 2018 Leaf has a range of about 150 miles. The Teslas and the
Chevy Bolt have ranges over 200 miles.

The best part--it's free to drive! The PV panels on the roof charge the car. Every time I see the
prices at gas stations when I drive by, I feel smart.

What surprises me most about the car are the negative reviews that I have read about electric
cars. The other surprise about the car -- there are very few of them on the road. Why?
Consumers do not understand that it is a lifestyle choice!

It is a choice to go green, a choice to help the environment and to save money. These lifestyle
choices should be promoted.

The reason the car works so well for me is that I have committed to that lifestyle. I have
embraced the concept by installing PV panels on my roof and using solar water heating. That
allows me to drive for free and make my own electricity!

I pay only $18 a month for net metering which allows me to be connected to the electrical
grid. Everything else is free. I am saving over $300 a month on my electric bill and over $200
a month on my fuel charges for gasoline. Who wouldn't want to have an extra $500 a month
in their wallet?

Below are photos of my home with PV panels in Kaneohe, Hawaii and my Nissan Leaf
electric car with my surfboard.