New Book on Divorce Using Children's Drawings
to Illustrate Their Feelings
Kids call attention to school bullies , Honolulu Advertiser, February
5, 2006
A Diploma in the Art of Rising Above Hardships, Honolulu
Advertiser, June 8, 2003 [PDF
Fractured Families--Talking Makes a Difference for Wheeler's
Students. Sun Press, March 2-8, 1989 [PDF]
The China Clones by Robert Woliver
Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging my own book. This novel combines
psychological inner perspective with action and adventure. Click on the
link to read a preview of the book.
West of Jesus by Steven Kotler The author is laid out by Lyme's
Disease and loses the perfect job, the perfect girl and much of his life. He
discovers that surfing is the way back to health. In exploring why surfing
helps, he uncovers surfing and action sports links to quantum physics,
neuroscience, Eastern philosophy, Jungian psychology, belief and
spirituality. Read my review which is to appear in the fall issue of
Cell 2
Soul,  an online journal that celebrates and explores the many meanings
of health and "dis-ease."
Click here for the review.
West of Then:  A Mother, a Daughter, and a Journey Past Paradise
by Tara Bray Smith
A must read for any stepparent, foster parent or parent who adopts or
for anyone dealing with a family member suffering from addiction.  We
see how a child might view the loss of a parent as we follow her search to
become whole.  The author lays bare her quest to come to terms with her
mother's addiction.  The author puts a face on the homeless.  Suddenly
that person becomes someone's daughter, someone's mother.    
Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy
This book was sent to me by David Elpern, MD, when I was researching
material on Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  Most people are never
completely happy with their appearances; however, after reading this
book I resolved never to worry or complain again.  A must-read for
anyone who thinks that there might be a problem with his or her
appearance.  I quote from the back cover of the book, "At age nine, Lucy
Grealy was diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer.  When she
returned to school with a third of her jaw removed, she faced the cruel
taunts of classmates."   The book follows her painful trail of operations,
chemotherapies and radiations while she wrestles with peer rejection and
the need for acceptance.  Unfortunately, Ms. Grealy passed away from  
heroin overdose in 2002.  This is chronicled In
Truth and Beauty:  A
Friendship by Ann Patchett.
News Stories and Recommended Readings
These are news
stories that have
appeared about my
These are books that
I have found to be
Mango Season Doesn't Last Forever  Every parent who is getting a
divorce should have a copy of this book. This book of children's
drawings on divorce powerfully illustrates their feelings. The drawings
(over 30) reveal either a psychological state or emotion along with a
developmental stage. The children's drawings are what separate this
book from most other books on divorce. The drawings move the book
beyond a range of written advice to a state of emotional impact. The
children's drawings illustrate both their suffering and their triumphs.
Parents and grandparents can quickly see both what not to do and,
more importantly, how to help their children through this event.
An important new
book and app on
divorce that I have
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Psychologist Upgraded for Family Therapy in the 21st Century,
Midweek, Windward Oahu Islander, February 1, 2012.