Losing Dad
New Year's Resolutions for Parents
Divorce and the Elementary Student --
These are Articles I Have Written and
are in the Book
How Divorce Affects Children as
Seen Thorough Their Drawings
These articles use
actual pictures drawn
by children to
illustrate their feelings
and show how each
stage of development
is affected by divorce.
How Divorce Affects the
Intermediate School Child
Divorce and the Elementary School
Losing Dad
Divided Loyalties
I hate you
What Every Elementary Student Know About
What Parents, Grandparents and other
Adults Relatives Can Do
What Teachers and Schools and
Community Resources Can Do
More Drawings by
Children of Divorce
New Book About Divorce
An important new
book and app on
divorce that I have
recently published
Mango Season Doesn't Last Forever  Every parent who is getting a divorce
should have a copy of this book. This book of children's drawings on divorce
powerfully illustrates their feelings. The drawings (over 30) reveal either a
psychological state or emotion along with a developmental stage. The children's
drawings are what separate this book from most other books on divorce. The
drawings move the book beyond a range of written advice to a state of emotional
impact. The children's drawings illustrate both their suffering and their triumphs.
Parents and grandparents can quickly see both what not to do and, more
importantly, how to help their children through this event.
The Divorce App is  
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